June 27, 2022

WHY IS THE LOS ANGELES TIMES SUCH A CESSPIT OF RACISM? Is California ready for more Black people to legally carry guns in public?

Screenshot, in case they change the headline.

UPDATE: Some thoughts on the actual column from Ed Morrissey: LA Times wonders: Are progressive Californians ready for gun-totin’ black people?

Er … wut? Don’t let the headline throw you entirely because Erika Smith scores real points in the column, but that headline alone is worth attention in the wake of the Bruen decision last week. Let’s screencap it just in case someone at the Los Angeles Times thinks twice about the message it actually sends, rather than whatever it is they intended. Assuming those are two different things, that is:

[Screenshot included above — Ed]

Are they two different things? YMMV, but that headline strongly implies that the oh-so-progressive state of California is pretty danged racist, no? Actually yes, as Smith argues, and it’s not limited to the rapidly decreasing number of conservatives in the Golden State. Smith has a strong enough point to sustain that headline, emphasis mine:

Read the whole thing.

(Updated and bumped.)

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