June 26, 2022

JEFF DUNETZ: After SCOTUS Abortion Decision, CNN’s Ana Navarro Pushes Eugenics.

Ana Navarro, a pseudo “GOP strategist” and a CNN commentator shocked the news channel’s audiences on Friday when she said that she supports abortion to kill off autistic and mentally challenged people like her own family. In other words, she supports eugenics.

Navarro’s words sounded like those of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. Sanger created the organization to practice eugenics–a sick belief that the human “gene pool” would be improved through selective breeding and sterilization. In Sanger’s case, improving the gene pool meant keeping African-Americans, morons, those with a family background with a history of illnesses, mental disease (like Ana?)  serious physical defects, and other undesirables from reproducing.

Perhaps she should used the original German phrase, “Lebensunwertes Leben.”

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