June 25, 2022


“And I am not anybody to tell you what you need to do with your life or your uterus!” Navarro snapped.

“And because I have a family with a lot of special needs kids. I have a brother who’s 57, and has the mental and the motor skills of a one-year-old. And I know what that means financially, emotionally, physically, for a family, and I know not all families can do it,” she added.

“And I have a step-granddaughter who was born with Downs syndrome, and you know what? It is very difficult in Florida to get services. It is not as easy as it sounds on paper and I’ve got another, another step-grandson who is very autistic, who has autism,” she continued.

“Mothers, and people in that society in that community will tell you that they’ve considered suicide because that’s how difficult it is to get help. Because that’s how lonely they feel. Because they can’t get other jobs, because they have financial issues, because of the care that they are unable to give their other children,” Navarro said.

Navarro went on to claim that she could compartmentalize her Catholic beliefs away from her political support for abortion.

“And so why can I be Catholic and still think it is a wrong decision? Because I’m American. I’m Catholic inside the church, I’m Catholic when it comes to me. But there’s a lot of Americans who are not Catholic and they’re not Christian, and they’re not Baptist,” she said.

“And you have no damn right to tell them what they should do with their bodies!” she concluded. “Nobody does!”

Many people online were horrified to infer that Navarro was implying disabled people were better off dead than to be born into families that might struggle caring for them.

In Germany, this was dubbed “Lebensunwertes Leben.”

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