June 23, 2022

TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE! Biden’s cue cards are…awfully specific:

The card title is “sequence of events”, and the word “YOU” appears in caps throughout the list. The list even reminds the president to say “hello”.

The list of instructions includes:

-YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participants

-YOU take YOUR seat

-YOU give brief comments

Click  here for a shot of the cards, and here for a closeup with a better look at the text.

Biden was caught using cue cards earlier this year, including one labeled “Tough Putin Q&A Talking Points,” but I don’t recall seeing a photograph with instructions for Joe to enter the room and then “take YOUR seat” before now.

UPDATE: “To be fair, we don’t know if previous presidents have received similar sets of instructions, but we’ve also never before wondered if the president needed this level of detail.”

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