June 17, 2022

IT’S COME TO THIS: Jordan Peterson Hilariously Causes Fury Among the Left Again, This Time by Calling Someone ‘Beautiful.’

One of the things Peterson is doing to make it fun is turning his Twitter account into an unofficial “smash or pass” game. Previously, the good doctor set the internet on fire when he commented that Sports Illustrated’s new swimsuit model, Yumi Nu, wasn’t beautiful due to her very obvious obesity and that authoritarians attempting to force the “big is beautiful” concept on people won’t change that.

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Fast forward to last Thursday and it was announced that golfer and Instagram model Paige Spiranac was named Maxim magazine’s “sexiest woman alive.” Naturally, Peterson decided to add his commentary.

“Ok,” tweeted Peterson. ” She might be beautiful.”

I’m not going to post the reactions to Peterson’s tweet, but you can bet that the backlash for it isn’t pretty, so to speak. Peterson attracts a special kind of anger not experienced by others who speak out against mainstream culture.

The thing is, as I detailed in my article about Peterson’s first dust-up, Spiranac is objectively very beautiful. Peterson isn’t at all wrong, but being a blond-haired woman with a healthy body, asymmetrical face, and large…tracts of land is likely to make those who adhere to woke culture angry, or at the very least, angry with the people who find someone like her beautiful.


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