OUT ON A LIMB: This Democrat Governor Just Proved Why Red Flag Laws Will Be Abused.

The graphic explains the process of red flag laws like this: Jane sees a Facebook friend, Randy, post “photos of guns and cryptic messages.” She then reports him to the police. (Holy escalation!)

The police then petition a judge to “temporarily” remove Randy’s Second Amendment rights. Police provide “evidence” (seemingly a cryptic Facebook post in this scenario) that Randy is a threat to himself or others. The court agrees to temporarily take away Randy’s rights.

Kumbaya. The justice system is perfect. Nothing to see here.

Come on.

* * * * * * * *

Can you imagine how overrun our courts would be if every left-wing Karen could report people for merely owning guns and not liking their government? We have an environment where people are being told speech is violence and where a not insignificant part of the population believes they are justified in “canceling” someone for simply holding differing political views.

What could go wrong?