June 6, 2022

IT’S GOOD TO BE THE NOMENKLATURA: Jonathan Turley: New York Attorneys Accused of Firebombing Police Car Given Generous Plea Deal. “Notably, Rahman and Mattis pleaded guilty last year to one count of possessing and making an explosive device, which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. Now, however, they will be allowed to withdraw the earlier plea and instead plead guilty to conspiring to assemble the Molotov cocktail and damage the New York Police Department patrol car. That is a nosebleed of a drop in the severity and punishment for this violent attack. It is a sharp contrast to the harsh position taken by the Biden Justice Department on many of those accused of rioting on January 6th. Attorney General Merrick Garland cited the threat to police officers in pledging an unprecedented effort to charge and convict those involved ‘on any level’ in the riot.”

Oh and speaking of January 6th: “Jan 6 committee has split behind the scenes over what actions to take after public hearings: Some members want big changes on voting rights — [including] to abolish the Electoral College — while others are resisting proposals to overhaul the election system.”

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