May 28, 2022

SOMEBODY SET UP US THE BOMB: Cargo Freeway Expansion Canceled in L.A. Due to ‘Racist’ Roads.

The cancellation means that the 710 will remain congested, leaving trucks idling on the road longer, creating more pollution than they would if they were able to travel consistently at the optimum, efficient speed between 45 and 65 miles per hour.

The Los Angeles Times reported:

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The 710 Freeway is the main artery for the nation’s largest port complex, through which nearly a third of the nation’s imported goods move. Big rigs carrying a crush of goods — as varied as electronics, auto parts and shoes — often clog the road. Activists call it the diesel death zone, but Americans with their appetite for click-shopping, have come to rely on the web of warehouses and deliveries that the port is built around.

The “Americans with their appetite for click-shopping” is a nice sneer by the L.A. Times, doing their damndest to put the best spin on the Biden administration’s supply chain woes, in much the same way they dubbed unemployment during the administration led by Biden’s former boss as “funemployment:” “For the ‘funemployed,’ unemployment is welcome!” — after all, it’s a chance to “Keep rockin’”!


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