May 25, 2022

JOHN NOLTE: ‘Ricky Gervais: SuperNature’ Review: Gloriously Inappropriate, Perfectly Wrong.

Old people, lesbians, Woketards, transsexuals, the Holocaust, Christians, pro-lifers, Muslims, fat people, female comedians, the Chinese, dwarfs, pedophiles, Eskimos, AIDS… Pow! Crash! Wham! Boom!

The story he tells about a straight man transitioning to a woman, becoming a lesbian, somehow finding a “pretty lesbian,” and realizing the mistake he’s made after strapping on a strap-on, literally, and I mean literally, had me rolling on the floor.

And every time you think he’s going to virtue signal or become a little Chappelle-esque in his defensiveness, he goes right for the throat of the joke:

In real life, of course I support trans rights. I support all human rights, and trans rights are human rights. Live your best life. Use your preferred pronouns. Be the gender that you feel that you are. But meet me halfway, ladies. Lose the cock. That’s all I’m saying.


I mean, [Boris Johnson] started off by saying women in burkas look like postboxes. Now, it’s not up to Boris Johnson what a Muslim woman wears on her face. It’s up to her husband.

Heh, indeed. Read the whole thing.™

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