ROGER SIMON: To Change the Left, Be Their Psychiatrist.

If you think of these people as victims of that mass formation psychosis, you will realize they aren’t in their right minds. The word psychosis is there for a reason.

I hate to say this, because, as noted above, family and friends are often involved, but think of these people, bluntly, as mental patients.

If you wish to have any success at all in changing them, treat them that way. I know it sounds mean, but there really is no other way.

That means no arguments. Instead, ask them questions kindly about their views. Let them explain them as long as they wish. Don’t interrupt. Let them finish and then ask another question—gently. Don’t go too far. You are the psychoanalyst, ironically, in an era when the field of psychiatry has been almost entirely taken over by the left.

Nevertheless, you can do it. You don’t need a credential. As with many things, that’s meaningless. Be patient. Keep asking those questions. Never argue, just ask. (Do this subtly, of course, so you won’t seem condescending. And resist the temptation—it will be there for sure—to prove you are right.) Let them lead themselves to whatever conclusions they make.

Ultimately, those conclusions may surprise you. After all, the reality of life is largely conservative. It’s mostly common sense. Beneath their years of indoctrination, these are still human beings, dealing with the same daily issues we all do. They have to take out the garbage and drive their kids to school. When they are more comfortable with you, change will … very slowly … begin. Don’t rush!

In some cases, they may even be grateful to you because most liberals and progressives, in my estimation, are depressed. They will welcome the opportunity to talk without judgment.

And remember, people change without us anyway. Joe Biden came into office one of the most popular of all presidents and is already, in about a year and a half, close to the least popular of all time and headed downwards. Few of us—not even pundits (ahem!)—had anything to do with that.

He did it all by himself because, whatever his mental level, he has no common sense.

So gently and kindly ask those questions. It will seem slow but things will move faster because of them. Do it.

As has been said, “You can’t get there by trying, but you won’t get there if you don’t try.”

(No, don’t ask me to explain that. It’s a Zen koan!)

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