GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Guess Which Theme Parks Are Conspicuously Missing From USA Today’s Top 10 List?

But could the complete lack of a presence on this year’s top 10 list mean that theme park visitors are turning their backs on Disney?

Over at Disney Dining, Becky Burkett points out that “a culture war has been taking place between Disney and Gov. DeSantis, leading many to ‘take sides,’ and while many have sided with Disney, many have taken a side against Disney.”

“While there’s no way to know whether these events have any bearing on the USA Today list, the absence of a Disney-owned theme park is, to put it lightly, noticeable,” she adds.

There’s been plenty of talk about boycotting Disney. Consumers have canceled subscriptions to Disney+ and avoided other Disney products. Even hardcore Disney-fan families like mine have talked about taking some time off before visiting the resorts again. So a backlash against TWDC could be at play.

Funny that: