OLD AND BUSTED: In The Future, Everyone Will Be Famous For 15 Minutes.

The New Hotness? In The Future, Everyone Will Be Winston Smith For 15 Minutes: Biden Administration Considers Shutting Down Disinformation Board amid Blistering Criticism: Report.

“Nina Jankowicz has been subjected to unjustified and vile personal attacks and physical threats,” a DHS spokesperson told the [Washington] Post in a statement. “In congressional hearings and in media interviews, the Secretary has repeatedly defended her as eminently qualified and underscored the importance of the Department’s disinformation work, and he will continue to do so.”

And speaking of Orwellian, look who the Post assigned the story to: Taylor Lorenz blames ‘coordinated right-wing attacks’ after Biden’s Ministry of Truth reportedly hits the pause button. “The vast right-wing conspiracy is back, baby!”

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