ROGER KIMBALL: Further Thoughts on Our Ministry of Truth.

The fact that the director of this new effort to police speech is an “internationally recognized expert on disinformation” called Nina Jankowicz makes my point.

The ridiculousness is the first thing you notice.

As Exhibit A I offer this universally mocked video by Jankowicz.

The malevolent part is obvious when you see what it is that she regards as Trump-inspired, Russian-inflected “disinformation.”

Hunter Biden’s laptop, for example.

Even The New York Times now acknowledges that the “laptop from hell” is real, i.e., that its hard drive contains material not only about Hunter’s Satyricon-like sex life and drug abuse, but also Hunter’s business dealings with foreign powers that involve the “Big Guy,” Joe Biden, president of the United States.

The New York Post broke the story just a week or two before the 2020 presidential election.

The entire media suppression apparatus swung into action immediately and suppressed the story.

Twitter gagged anyone who mentioned it.

It’s pretty clear that had the story, which was true, been allowed to circulate, the results of the 2020 would have been different, which is to say Trump’s victory would have had to have been acknowledged.

So you see how Jankowicz’s branding of the story as “Republican” or “Trumpist” or “Russian” disinformation is partly funny but also partly malevolent.

It was one of the events that compromised an American presidential election.

That was the point, of course, but that fact doesn’t make Jankowicz’s false claim any less malevolent.

Here we have a patently partisan activist invested with the responsibility to police speech for the country’s Department of Homeland Security.

Think about that.

Nor is the Hunter Biden wheeze an aberration.

Naked partisan is the name of this game, which is why this new propaganda bureau has been saddled a name right out of Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” the Ministry of Truth.

Jankowicz was going full Orwell long before landing her dream job: