TURNING JAPANESE, I THINK I’M TURNING JAPANESE, I REALLY THINK SO: You can rent a ‘bunk bed pod’ in the Bay Area with 13 people for $800 a month.

The housing crisis in the San Francisco Bay Area has gotten so bad that one startup is now offering renters the chance to live in a “bunk bed pod” with 13 other people for just $800 a month.

Brownstone Shared Housing posted an ad for anyone looking to live in Palo Alto, the birthplace of Silicon Valley and the home of Stanford University.

Tenants are given the opportunity to shack up in a house with 13 other people. They sleep in a “bunk bed pod” while sharing two bathrooms.

The pods are “fully equipped” with electrical outlets, shelves for books, a rack from which one can hang clothes and laundry, hooks to hang plants and other decorations, and black curtains at the end of each pod for privacy.

Normally, the three-bedroom home would house a single family.

The startup is also advertising “co-living” spaces in another home — this one in Bakersfield. The home offers a pod for $500 a month alongside five other residents.

It’s not all that surprising to see the concept of the Japanese “capsule hotel” finally arrive in California. Look at these sweet Silicon Valley digs!