KYLE SMITH: Goodbye, Jen Psaki — no one condescends quite like you.

Ordinarily, White House press secretaries try not to look like they’re getting so rattled by rude questions that they stoop to insulting the reporters, but Psaki said Fox News’ Peter Doocy sounds like a “stupid son of a bitch” in the course of throwing in an absurd and evidence-free suggestion that Doocy is a ventriloquist’s dummy for higher-ups.

“We must end this uncivil war that pits red against blue,” her boss famously intoned at his inauguration, but the Return to Civility (™) went out the window the minute Psaki discovered the existence of exactly one White House reporter asking questions more challenging than, “Why are you guys so awesome?”

White House flacks don’t usually keep working for the administration after they’ve accepted a job offer from a partisan news outlet, but Psaki did that.

Nor do they generally cheerlead for criminals, but even though Psaki is smart enough to know that intimidating judges by mobbing their houses is illegal, when asked whether her fellow Democrats should continue menacing the homes of Supreme Court justices, her answer was a green light: “There’s a lot of passion, there’s a lot of fear.”

The Democratic mob’s effort to influence the upcoming Dobbs decision that might overturn Roe v. Wade by swarming the homes of duly appointed Supreme Court justices is so revolting that even ultra-liberal Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin said it was “reprehensible.” Thanks to Psaki, voters now have excellent reason to disregard last year’s awful Jan. 6 riots as merely the analogue to what Democrats are doing to try to interfere with the business of the Supreme Court.

It’s hilarious that, as Psaki turns her back on the podium and tries her luck at being an MSNBC star, Clueless Joe’s approval ratings just hit a record low of 34%, according to a Civiqs poll this week, and she acts as though progressivism is winning big-time.

Perhaps in tribute to Psaki, the White House comms shop sent out quite a tweet last night: White House tweet about what wasn’t available when Biden took office quickly debunked using previous WH tweet; Updated: