GOODER, AND HARDER, CALIFORNIA: California targets loud exhausts in newest environment regulation.

The state legislature has approved a five-year pilot program targeting loud exhausts from vehicles with new tools to assist police in ferreting out offenders, Autoweek reported.

“Illegally loud exhaust harms our bodies, can be deafening if you are walking or cycling on the street, and wakes people up from their sleep,” read the Assembly bill analysis. “While vehicle exhaust noise is limited to 95 decibels, there are no universal means to monitor and enforce this law.”

Californians love their car culture, and the sunny, open road is a magnet for drivers of both cars and motorcycles to enhance the sounds of their engines.

“Vehicle owners can easily buy and install new exhaust systems or make other modifications to their vehicle that will change the level of sound,” the analysis read.

When we lived in California, one neighbor’s kids had an early 1990s Mercedes sedan whose trunk bed was lined with two massive subwoofers, which could level whole city blocks with a single bass note. Will the California nanny state go after those, next?