NEW CIVILITY WATCH: CNN’s Jarrett: Screw ‘Civility,’ Protests Outside Justices’ Homes Are Fine.

On this morning’s New Day, CNN reporter Laura Jarrett, daughter of former top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, supported pro-abortion protests outside the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices. She claimed that a conversation about civility “misses the mark.”

Substitute host John Avlon actually tried to frame the conversation around where the line should be drawn when it comes to protests, but Jarrett would have none of it.

“I think for a lot of people, a conversation about civility feels like it misses the mark when constitutional [sic—Ed] rights that you believe that you had for over 50 years are about to be overturned.”

“The Justices have security,” she sniffed. This sounds similar to her mother Valerie Jarrett saluting the “energy” of protests that erupted in Ferguson back in 2014 after Michael Brown was shot after reaching inside a car window for a cop’s gun. They were focusing on the “post-Ferguson anger.”

Related: Based on this headline at The Hill, they’re down for plenty of Alinsky-approved home protests as well: Abortion battle moves to homes of Supreme Court justices.

As Glenn wrote last year when Democrats stripped Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments, “Just as when Harry Reid got rid of the filibuster, they think the worm will never turn.”