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Matt Margolis: Trump Judges Are Doing Their Jobs, and Axios Is Triggered. “Other judges are making their mark too, and the liberal media is up in arms about it. And Axios seems to think these judges are simply showing off to ‘audition’ for the Supreme Court.”

Rick Moran: Tit-for-Tat-for … BOOM! “Russia has decided to cut off natural gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria — two NATO countries on the front lines of the war in Ukraine. Putin is trying to drive a wedge into NATO’s weak flank by starving the two countries of fuel.”

Yours Truly: Ron DeSantis Has the Best New Video for the Best New Yard Sign. “DeSantis has had a busy year, tending to his wife Casey’s cancer recovery, helping lead the way out of COVID madness, taunting Democrats, taming Disney’s wokesters, and preventing Christina Pushaw from taking over the world the way she’s taken over my heart… you know, the usual.”