A public feud brewing between Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his Colorado counterpart Gov. Jared Polis could be used by the latter to cement the Centennial State as the country’s anti-Florida stronghold.

The Florida Republican has leveled criticism and threats of retaliation against Disney and Twitter in recent weeks, prompting Polis to invite the two companies to relocate their headquarters to Colorado in the wake of DeSantis’s feud with the House of Mouse.

“Florida’s authoritarian socialist attacks on the private sector are driving businesses away,” Polis said in a tweet earlier this week. “In [Colorado], we don’t meddle in affairs of companies like @Disney or @Twitter. Hey @Disney we’re ready for Mountain Disneyland and @twitter we’re ready for Twitter HQ2, whoever your owners are.”

The Florida governor’s office told the Washington Examiner it considered the proposal to be odd, as Twitter and Disney are both headquartered in California, but declined to comment further.

The criticism from Polis could be an attempt to position Colorado as Florida’s political antidote — appealing to progressive voters and businesses in the meantime.

“I think picking a fight with Florida is good politics from Colorado,” Democratic political strategist Brad Bannon told the Washington Examiner. “I think there are some businesses out there who are deciding whether they’re going to move from California to somewhere else — they are more likely to move to a state like Colorado, where they’re not going to get caught up in right-wing social politics that they would be in Florida.”

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