GOT WOKE…Disney Shares Are Cratering While They War With DeSantis; It Has Lost 31.5% Over the Year.

DeSantis signs bill stripping Disney of its special corporate self-government status, sending its stock price tumbling.

Disney stock fell 2.79% on Friday, according to Google Finance. Company stock has fallen 31.25% in the past 6 months and trades for $118.27 per share as of press time.Disney stock prices dropped 5% on Wednesday, dropped further on Thursday, and have dropped 2.79% more so far today.

Granted, stock prices overall have fallen 500 nearly 1000 points today thanks to the America Is Back, Baby NeverTrump-endorsed fake president in the White House, but still: Not a good performance for Disney. Not what its shareholders are looking for.

And note this:

As Ace of Spades asks, “Has corporate America started to get the message that it is no longer a cost-free move to always side with the exotic flora of the extreme left? And that maybe just staying out of politics and making business the business of business is the better path?”