DEMOCRACY DIES IN DOXXING — and the WaPo is so proud of its attack on Libs of TikTok (and hoping you’ll pay no attention to the collateral damage they’ve also done) that they’re promoting the article on Twitter:

But note what’s missing from the article: Dear Taylor Lorenz, Brian Stelter, and the Rest of the Press—why not show the videos? “I find it very interesting that Taylor Lorenz can write that entire piece, make sure everyone knows the LibsofTikTok account owner is an Ortodox Jew, and never once bother to actually show or link to the actual videos. The Washington Post will show videos of Chinese protestors, but not the videos of the people on TikTok we’re all talking about.”

Meanwhile: WaPo Releases Statement Filled With Lies in Aftermath of Taylor Lorenz’s ‘Libs of TikTok’ Doxxing.

Fortunately for the owner of the Libs of TickTok account, she’s getting the last laugh on the WaPo: “I don’t think anything better sums up the commitment to incompetence of modern ‘journalism’ than the Washington Post trying to bring down a Twitter account by hypocritically doxxing the owner, then seeing that account add 300,000 followers in 2+ days Just a complete masterpiece. Their follower count as it stands now is 939,700. I anticipate they’ll hit over a million this weekend.”