April 21, 2022

DANA LOESCH: Disney Losing Their Corporate Welfare Isn’t Revenge, It’s A Reckoning. “The left hated corporations influencing issues because of Citizens United v. FEC until they realized they could push Disney to lobby for them and now they LOVE corporations again! Party! I’m confused — are corporations still evil? They can’t influence issues or push for candidates that aren’t Democrat and they have more rights to a child than the parents raising said child? We really need some consistency from the left here.”

UPDATE: Against ‘Principled Loserdom.’ “Conservatives must start acting like they actually understand this, wielding whatever levers of power they are able to attain. Given the Left’s successful Gramscian ‘march through the institutions’ chokehold on all of the major institutions of civil society, that means using crass political power. It means, in other words, following the example of Florida Republicans and Disney. But the long-term success of following the Florida playbook will depend, in part, on how quickly the ‘New Right’ can excise ‘political loserdom.’”

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