April 16, 2022

THE PROGRESSIVE CARTEL:  Who enforces the “progressive cartel?”  Put differently, who makes sure that all progressives toe the line on issues like transgender locker rooms, etc.?  These things don’t happen by magic.  Michael Lind writes:

Who decides what is and is not permissible for American progressives to think or discuss or support?  The answer is the Ford Foundation, the Open Society Foundation, the Omidyar Network, and other donor foundations, an increasing number of which are funded by fortunes rooted in Silicon Valley.  It is this donor elite, bound together by a set of common class prejudices and economic interests, on which most progressive media, think tanks, and advocacy groups depend for funding.

Lind isn’t a big fan of what he calls “Conservatism, Inc.” either.  He’s not entirely wrong.  But my experience has been we’re not (yet) in the same league with our progressive brethren on this.

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