April 14, 2022

JON GABRIEL: We Can No Longer Afford to Be ‘Respectable.’

Perhaps if you’ve made a lot of money, sold a lot of books, need to curry favor with media moguls, and have grown accustomed to a certain level of material wealth and social influence, these attacks spook you. After all, you have to pay for the house, the cabin, and your kids’ private school.

Or you’re less materialistic yet thrive on the speaking invites, conferences, and Beltway social connections. You think the primary goal of life is to be “nice” and “respectable.” Abandoning that belief horrifies you.

The rest of us no longer care about being respected, especially by people who despise us. We expect the insults, the bad-faith arguments, and attempts at cancellation. When attacked on social media, the only passion I can gin up is clicking the “mute” button.

Read the whole thing.

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