April 14, 2022

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Matt Margolis: Biden Can’t Even Convince CNN That Putin Is to Blame for Inflation. “Neither a CNN host nor a guest could sugarcoat inflation for Biden? Ouch. And Lemon wasn’t finished calling Biden out.”

Stephen Kruiser: What If Liz Cheney Doesn’t Lose? “My latest cause of concern is the nagging feeling that Liz Cheney might not be going away next year. I mean away from the House of Representatives. Should she lose her seat in Congress, we know she will soon resurface at CNN, MSNBC, or Adam Kinzinger’s house, where they’ll sip wine coolers in a kiddie pool and whine about Donald Trump all day.”

Yours Truly: Ukraine War: Have Missiles Made Tanks Obsolete? “A few guys sneaking around the woods with a few antitank missiles can do a whole lot of damage to an entire armored column.”

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