April 12, 2022

MASS SHOOTING IN NYC SUBWAY: “several undetonated devices” found? Update: 13 wounded (Video).

UPDATE: Source says Brooklyn subway attack being treated as terrorism; Story ‘will be gone by the end of the week.’

More: “Earlier, the NYPD official told Newsweek that the suspect is believed to be a Black male, 5 feet, 5 inches tall and 175 to 180 pounds. After he entered a northbound R train, a dispute ensued, followed by the detonation of a smoke bomb. The nature of the altercation remains unknown.”


UPDATE (6:50 PM): Yet another known wolf, as the FBI keeps knocking it out the park: Brooklyn subway shooting suspect was on FBI’s terrorist radar until 2019 — but was cleared following ‘multiple interviews:’ Gunman’s Philly-rented U-Haul is found abandoned on Brooklyn street 5 miles from where he shot ten straphangers before weapon jammed.

UPDATE (7:30 PM): Brooklyn subway shooting suspect has been identified (Update: Photo).

UPDATE (8:05 PM): Andy Ngo explores the suspect’s social media posts:

(Updated and bumped.)

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