April 11, 2022

COLORADO SPRINGS: D11 dissolves Department of Equity and Inclusion.

Colorado Springs School District 11 has effectively dissolved its groundbreaking Department of Equity and Inclusion and, with it, the director of equity and inclusion position.

By a “thumbs-up” at the April 6 board meeting, D11’s board voted 4-2 not to fund the equity department in the 2022-23 preliminary school year budget. The board’s conservative majority led the decision; directors Julie Ott and Darleen Daniels opposed the move.

This decision shutters the department that implemented D11’s equity policy and practices, which were put in place in 2020 under previous Superintendent Dr. Michael Thomas, to “meet the unique needs of all students.”

The article mentions “racist and offensive comments by conservative board members Al Loma and Jason Jorgenson,” without ever indicating what those comments might have been. That’s poor reporting — at the very best; a hit job is more likely — by Colorado Springs Business Journal’s Greta Anderson.

Anyway: Much more like this, please.

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