DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Why the left really wants to sexualize your kids.

As we inevitably move on from the “groomer” discourse, it’s important to examine why the left wants so badly to sexualize children. Yes, some of them are just pedophilic creeps. But there’s also a larger strategy at play.

The left’s goal is to drive a wedge between children and their parents so they can be more easily indoctrinated with radical, progressive ideas. This used to start in the universities. Hard-working families would send their kids off to college only for them to return home for the holidays spouting nonsense about white privilege and systemic racism. Conservatives grew hip to this game and started exposing the fantastical concepts being taught in higher education. In order to continue their successful brainwashing, leftists needed to turn the kids when they were younger and more impressionable.

A nice one-two punch was developed. Kids learn key concepts of Critical Race Theory, which encourage them to hate themselves and their peers because their skin color makes them complicit in systemic oppression. The kids who are marginalizing others with their mere existence are then offered the opportunity to pick new, safe identities from a batch of made-up genders and sexualities. They’re encouraged to hide this from their parents, whose bigotry won’t allow them to understand.

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