ROGER SIMON: Transgendered in Kindergarten? What’s Really Behind the Insane New Sex Ed?

N is for Nonbinary and T is for Trans.

Did you know that?

If you were a Williamson Country, Tennessee, kindergartner and clicked on the book “The GayBCs” on the iPad given by your school for you to take home over the weekend, you would.

You’d also know the B is for Bi. (You can shout it out loud/ “I like boys and girls/ and that makes me proud.”)

C is—needless to say—for Coming Out and D is—what else—for Drag.

I won’t bother you with the noxious doggerel accompanying those—you can probably make it up for yourself. And no, it’s not a product of Disney, although, given recent developments, it almost seems as if it were. It was published in 2019 by Quirk Books with a recommended age range of 4 to 8.

According to GeekDad, this is “A great way to introduce 26 words to kids while teaching them to read.”

Teaching them to read? Do you teach the average 5-year-old reading with the word “nonbinary” (not to mention “I is for Intersex”)? Well, maybe if your kid is John Stuart Mill who is said to have learned Greek at age 3.

Actually, GeekDad inadvertently let the cat out of the bag. “The GayBCs” are educationally meaningless, in fact, an educational fraud. Hardly any children at that age are prepared to learn to read from them, with or without the traditional parental accompaniment.

It would most likely do the reverse, make the child so overwhelmed and baffled by what would have to be incomprehensible concepts for them, he or she (apologies for the old-fashioned pronouns) could be turned off reading altogether. It certainly wouldn’t help.

Even Mill undoubtedly wouldn’t have had the maturity to deal with bisexuality at the age of 4, a far more complicated emotional question than the largely intellectual challenge of learning a language.

But that emotional challenge is what is being put in front of the children of rich and Republican Williamson County and undoubtedly many other places across the country.

That material and more are readily available at online libraries. It is through one of those libraries that “The GayBCs” appeared on the kids’ iPads.

Also worth noting, if you are a third grader, you are required to spend 30 minutes nightly on your iPad.

So what really has been going on?

The obvious part is the so-called grooming, a term the left is always complaining about, but is real to a great extent. These teachers and educators are using their classrooms and materials, including the ubiquitous iPad, to encourage, even prepare, children to be LGBTQ+, whether they are or aren’t, or, more accurately, might someday become that way or not.

Why, it’s as if there’s an aura of a penumbra that: Yes, Democrats Really Do Want to Groom Your Children.