April 3, 2022

OLD AND BUSTED: Follow the Science!

The New Hotness? New York City Will Continue Forced Masking of Children Under 5 Years Old:

Last month, everyone in New York City was allowed to stop wearing masks – except for children under five years old, even though they have one of the lowest risks for contracting and spreading COVID-19.

On Friday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced that the city would continue to force children aged two to four to continue wearing masks, claiming the decision was about “children’s health and safety.” Earlier that same day, a judge on Staten Island had issued an order to invalidate the mandate, which the city appealed. Adams announced later on Friday that an appellate judge had ruled in the city’s favor.

Adams then took to Twitter to say that “Children between 2 and 4 should continue to wear their masks in school and daycare come Monday.”

There’s a lot of leftist wine moms in Manhattan whom Adams owes his job to, who get a serious case of the vapors over the idea of masking their kids coming to an end: “Jill Filipovic is a progressive writer who’s pro-mask but looking for an off-ramp from having to mask forever. She’s learned the hard way what happens when you share that view with a liberal crowd:”

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