JOHN NOLTE: Disney’s Support for Child Grooming Is a Game Changer.

We now live in a country where one of our two major political parties and the corporate media are pro-grooming. On top of a Supreme Court nominee who obviously does not see child porn as a terrible thing, who’s seeking to gradually de-criminalize child porn, the entire Democrat party has come out against a Florida bill meant to stop teachers from grooming little kids. All the Florida bill does is forbid the classroom teaching of sexuality in kindergarten through third grade. That’s all it does. In my mind, it doesn’t go far enough. Schools should not be teaching sexuality, period. But Democrats and the media are angry that kids aged four to seven are not having their innocence shattered when they should be learning to read and write.

Also in favor of sexual grooming is the Walt Disney Co.

In what will be remembered as one of the greatest betrayals in the world of entertainment, the Walt Disney Co. has not only come out against Florida’s “don’t-groom-little-kids” bill, Disney is agreeing to use its brand and platforms to take up the slack with its own grooming.

Disney’s first move was to add a same-sex kiss to its new theatrical blockbuster, Buzz Lightyear.

What decent parent wants to expose their little kids to that kind of sexual confusion, to any sort of sexuality?

Disney has also promised to ramp up its gay and transsexual content in children’s shows.

Think about what a betrayal this is…

Disney — Disney! —is looking to groom your kids, to come between parent and child, to manipulate and shape their sexuality before it develops naturally. To what end? For what purpose? We all know what the endgame is. To twist your kids into damaged and sexualized objects who can be exploited.

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