JUDGE JACKSON EXPLAINS HER SENTENCING PROCESS FOR CHILD PORNOGRAPHY OFFENDERS: “The argument that we should be more lenient on child pornographers because modern technology makes it easier to distribute child porn is….not great.”

More: Hawley Presses Jackson on Three-Month Sentence in Child-Porn Case.

“You say this does not signal a heinous or egregious child pornography offense. Help me understand that. What word would you use if it’s not heinous or egregious?” [Sen. Josh Hawley (R., Mo.)] asked Judge Jackson.

“It is heinous. It is egregious,” she responded. But she said, “it’s not just about how much time a person spends in prison. It’s about understanding the harm of this behavior,” and noted other restraints that sex offenders have to abide by, including registration requirements and computer bans.

She also defended her broader sentencing record. “If you were to look at the greater body” of her sentences, and those of other judges, she said, ”you would see a very similar exercise of attempting to do what it is that judges do – attempting to take into account all of the relevant factors and do justice individually in each case.”

Mr. Hawley then retorted: “I am questioning your discretion and your judgment. … I’m not questioning you as a person. I’m not questioning your excellence as a judge.” He added: “I’m questioning how you used your discretion in these cases.”

Naturally, the Onion smears Hawley for having raised this issue: Josh Hawley Slams Ketanji Brown Jackson For Letting Pedophiles Like Himself Walk Free.

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