March 13, 2022


● “If he doesn’t block Russian oil and gas imports, Biden opens himself to allegations that he’s giving Putin precious breathing room. And the GOP is itching to pounce.”

Politico Playbook: How gas prices could crush Biden and the Democrats, March 3rd.

Republicans seize on rising gas prices amid Ukraine conflict.

—The Hill, yesterday.

● “Already battling inflation at a 40-year high, Biden on Tuesday imposed a ban on U.S. imports of Russian oil, adding pressure to crude prices holding near a 14-year peak. The move is likely to drive up U.S. pump prices that have already risen past $4-per-gallon in many places. This stands to pose a political problem for the Democratic president, one Republicans are eager to seize on ahead of November midterm elections in which control of Congress is at stake.”

Biden’s political strategy on U.S. gas hikes? Blame it on Putin, Reuters, Wednesday.

● “While members of both parties greeted the Russian energy ban, Republicans seized upon it to call for more domestic oil and gas drilling while Democrats said the economy’s sensitivity to petroleum imports underscores the need to shift toward alternative energy sources and electric vehicles.”

Biden warns of higher pump prices as he bans Russian energy, Roll Call, Tuesday.


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