MILTON FRIEDMAN ISN’T RUNNING THE SHOW ANYMORE: GOP Congressman Thomas Massie Just Perfectly Explained WHY Inflation is Surging.

New inflation numbers out this morning show that prices continue to surge at the highest level in decades. And GOP Congressman Thomas Massie just perfectly explained the main reason this is happening.

First, the facts. The new Consumer Price Index out this morning shows prices rose 7.9% from February 2021 to February 2022.

That’s the biggest increase recorded since 1982! In another reminder of why inflation is such a painful stealth tax on Americans, the biggest price increases came in essentials like gas, food, and shelter.

Cue the blame game.

But you can safely ignore the Left’s cries of “corporate greed” as the culprit for the ongoing surge in prices. Economists across the political spectrum reject this economically illiterate explanation out of hand. So what’s really going on?

Well, Massie put it concisely in a tweet this morning:

Of course, Team Brandon found yet another excuse:

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(Classical reference in headline.)