March 2, 2022


Shot: An army of snowflakes. The British Army wants to recruit snowflakes to its ranks. What is it thinking?

Its new PR campaign features posters and TV ads calling on ‘snowflakes’, ‘selfie addicts’, ‘class clowns’, ‘phone zombies’ and ‘me me me millennials’ to sign up. One poster says: ‘Snowflakes – your army needs YOU and your compassion.’

Spiked, January 3rd, 2019.

Chaser: British soldiers demand that the armed forces introduce vegan uniforms. A newly-formed group in the British Army called The Ministry of Defence Vegan and Vegetarian Network has launched a campaign to empower vegans and vegetarians who enlisted in the armed forces.

Rebel News, yesterday.

Wait until the Vegan Brigade discovers that “If you’re in the army, and there’s a war you have to go and fight!”


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