March 2, 2022

HMM: Why Isn’t Russia’s Bomber Fleet Attacking Ukraine In Mass?

These bombers have the entirety of Ukraine within range. They can fly in Russian air space, fire missiles, land, re-arm, and do it again, according to defense writer David Axe.

An unnamed U.S. defense official said that 75 Russian bombers fired cruise missiles and other types of air-to-ground missiles in the early days of the war. These sorties were targeted at Ukrainian command and control centers, radars, anti-aircraft systems, plus fuel and ammunition dumps.

If I had to guess, Russian bombers have seen limited use for two reasons: Readiness and a dwindling supply of missiles.

They shot off what they could early on but the Russian Air Force just didn’t have the spares or resupply to maintain the bomber offensive.

That’s yet another sign that Putin was counting on a quick and decisive Desert Saber-style attack.

So now the supposedly reformed and remodeled Russian Army is back to doing things the old way: Firing artillery at stuff until the rubble stops bouncing.

One last thought: If Russia’s bomber force simply isn’t up to a sustained offensive, that’s very good for Western war planners to know.

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