K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Recalled San Francisco School Board Member: I Hope the Asians Who Voted Me Out of Office Are Happy They’re Advancing the White Supremacist Cause.

Leftwing writer Lee Fang writes that the left is being given every warning there is that their woke agenda is absolute poison, but they seem intent on ignoring those warning signals:

Lee Fang


Feb 16

It’s easy to look at social media, NGOs or elite media/activists and assume wokeism is somehow popular. But every time it goes to a vote, a tsunami of opposition from regular people. Now from abolishing the police in Minneapolis to recalling the school board in SF.

Lee Fang

Feb 16

No one watches Fox News here. There’s no real right wing influence. The leaders of the recall are nonwhite immigrants. The media will lie nonstop about this but the fact that an overwhelming majority of Democrats recalled San Francisco’s ultra woke school board speaks volumes.

Lee Fang

Feb 16

This volunteer says he collected over 12,000 signatures for the successful recall of San Francisco’s school board members. The backlash against woke bullshit in schools is a landslide.

We keep telling them “Life is not Twitter” and they keep answering, “OH YES LIFE IS TWITTER, AND EVEN IF LIFE IS NOT YET TWITTER, IT SHOULD BE MADE TO BE TWITTER.”

Not only isn’t America Twitter, but not even California is Twitter.

Biden is now underwater in the bluest big state — 47% approving, 48% disapproving.

In California.

And Kamala Harris? California is her home state (well… after Canada, I mean), and her approval rating there is… 38%.

* * * * * * * *

How unpopular is “this woke bulls**t”?

Unpopular enough that

The San Francisco Chronicle painted a different picture of the recall backers that gathered Tuesday night to celebrate their victory. One of the backers, David Thompson, who also reportedly goes by the name “Gaybraham” Lincoln, was described as being “dressed in head-to-toe rainbow drag and towering platform shoes.”“This is what happens when you try to rename the schools in the middle of a pandemic,” Thompson said. “We wanted to show the diversity of the community behind his recall. I knew they were going to say, ‘Oh, isn’t it just a bunch of Republicans?’ And I’m like, do I look like a Republican?”

As no one in history has ever said, until now: When you’ve lost Gaybraham Lincoln…

Related: Teachers’ Union Heavyweight Mocks Parental Calls for Transparency, Demands Report on What Kids Learn at Home.

A high-ranking member of one of the largest teachers’ unions in California published a satirical letter Monday mocking parental calls for curriculum transparency, demanding a detailed report of the content and influences children are being exposed to at home.

Owen Jackman, a delegate to the California Teachers’ Union state council and a teacher in Sacramento City Unified School District, wrote a sarcastic Facebook post deriding parent concerns about progressive pedagogy, suggesting that parental rights are equal.

Addressing parents who advocate for their kids at school board meetings as “storm troopers,” Jackman jibed that “I have a reason to be concerned about the appropriateness of what your child is learning outside of school.”

Writing tongue-in-cheek, he requested parents provide a play-by-play of the television shows their kids watch, the social media they use, swear words and racial epithets their kids hear each day, the books being read to them, and activities they will participate in for the remainder of the year.

The teacher also asked for a “thorough description of how the relationships among the adults in your child’s life are displayed in front of your child” as well as “tallies” of the motivational vs. judgmental words said to kids in the household.

Mocking parents’ efforts to uncover the radical race and gender ideology being promoted in classrooms, Jackman warned that instructors would “set up a meeting” with parents who don’t report back.

And finally, From Mary Katharine Ham: The Parents Are Mad: An Explanation (video).