February 21, 2022

PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS: For India, Justin Trudeau’s Crackdown on Canada’s Truckers Reeks of Rank Hypocrisy.

“Canada will always be ready to defend the right to peaceful protest.” This is what Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had said about the farmers’ protest in India. Without flinching for a second, Trudeau interfered in India’s domestic matter and members of his government like Jagmeet Singh, did the same without a care for the facts on the ground, further denting relations with India which were already on a rocky path.

“I would be remiss if I didn’t start also by recognising the news coming out of India about the protests by farmers. The situation is concerning. And we all are very worried about family and friends,” said Trudeau perhaps in a bid to woo a certain constituency of Canadian voters.

This was in December 2020. More than a year has passed since. Now the tables have turned.

And how: Canada’s Hoax of a Democracy & Tyrant Trudeau : #TruckersForFreedom protesters treated like animals.

  • An Ottawa gelato shop owner who was revealed to have donated to the Freedom Convoy claims she has since been doxxed and had her information posted online

  • Tammy Giuliani, who owns the Stella Luna Café, received constant abusive phone calls calling her a Nazi, and a sign saying ‘Tammy supports terrorists’

  • Giuliani spoke of the backlash she’s faced since news came to light of her donation to the group of Canadian truckers protesting against COVID mandates

  • ‘You know, we have been called terrorists. For the first 60 to 36 hours, we were inundated with hatred, with threats of violence,’ she said

  • Giuliani is among roughly 92,000 supporters of the Freedom Convoy that had their information hacked after donating to the cause through GiveSendGo

  • The crowdfunding website, which describes itself as the ‘number one Christian crowdfunding site,’ had raised more than $9 million of the $16 million goal

  • The website Distributed Denial of Secrets said it was given donor information that included including names, email addresses, ZIP codes and IP addresses.

And if you missed it yesterday: A Social Credit System Arrives in Canada.

Last summer, I warned readers of Common Sense that financial deplatforming would be the next wave of online censorship. Big Tech companies like PayPal were already working with left-wing groups like the ADL and SPLC to define lists of individuals and groups who should be denied service. As more and more similarly minded tech companies followed suit (as happened with social media censorship), these deplorables would be deplatformed, debanked, and eventually denied access to the modern economy altogether, as punishment for their unacceptable views.

That prediction has become reality.

What I could not have anticipated is that it would occur first in our mild-mannered neighbor to the north, with the Canadian government itself directing the reprisals. It remains to be seen whether Canada will be a bellwether for the U.S. But anyone who cares about the future of America as a place where citizens are free to protest their government needs to understand what has just occurred and work to stop it from taking root here.”

And right on cue: Trudeau Government Moves to Make Expanded Surveillance Powers over Financial Transactions ‘Permanent.’

In 2013, Trudeau told Canada who he was: Justin Trudeau Said He Admired China’s Dictatorship. Canadians Should Have Believed Him.

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