ROGER SIMON: Durham Reveals Democrats Behaving Like the KGB; Is More Coming?

Electronic spying on the White House at the behest of the Democratic Party? It’s what you would expect from Chinese or Russian intelligence. And we thought the Mueller investigation was bad!

And talk about strange cases of projection. The Democrats were always accusing Trump of colluding with Russia while they were behaving like the KGB.

Trump himself responded that this is worse than Watergate, and he surely is correct. Watergate, it will be recalled, was about a small-time break-in at Democratic National Committee headquarters during an election that Republicans won by a historic landslide. Although not to be excused in the slightest, politically, it couldn’t have been more irrelevant.

All this recent eavesdropping occurred during the tightest of elections (2016) and afterward during an actual presidency. It was clearly aimed at destroying that presidency, sabotaging from within—a genuine insurrection, instead of the phony one we know about. Nothing remotely like that has happened in our history.

And it was all instigated by people close to Hillary Clinton or, quite possibly, by Hillary herself. We don’t know yet. One of those involved we do know was Jake Sullivan, currently our national security adviser, charged with overseeing the conflict on the Ukraine–Russia border. Think about that. What a disgrace to our country that is. If you and I know about it, every nation in the world knows it.

This evolving scandal—atrocity might be a better word—has most probably eliminated Clinton from the Democratic presidential sweepstakes. It may even sweep up President Joe Biden.

Or not, thanks to a media near-blackout: Nets Ignore Explosive Report Showing Clinton Spied on Trump.

Just think of the media as Democratic Party operatives with bylines, and their silence makes perfect sense.