GOV. PRITZKER UNVEILS PLAN TO LIFT ILLINOIS MASK MANDATE FOR MANY BY FEB. 28. The lifting of the mandate will not apply to schools, however, Pritzker said.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker revealed plans Wednesday to lift Illinois’ indoor mask mandate, with the exception of in schools, by Feb. 28 if state COVID metrics continue to decline.

Noting that the state is “seeing the fastest rate of decline in our COVID-19 hospitalization metrics since the pandemic began,” Pritzker said if trends continue as expected, “then on Monday, Feb. 28, we will lift the indoor mask requirement for the State of Illinois.”

He noted, however, one important caveat.

“I want to be clear: Many local jurisdictions, businesses and organizations have their own mask requirements and other mitigations that must be respected,” he said. “Having stricter mitigations than the state requirements is something that must be adhered to. Doing what’s right in your private business or for your local communities is encouraged. Whether you’re a business, a township, a venue, a place of worship or a city – to name just a few examples – protecting your patrons and visitors is no doubt a high priority. Masks continue to be a very effective way to keep your establishment from experiencing an outbreak or spreading the disease.”

Yet another Blue State governor who’s getting a “good news” headline simply by pushing mask mandates down to the local level, and still requiring kids to wear them.

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