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Paula Bolyard: My ‘Free’ Covid Tests From the Government Arrived in Record Time… But There’s a Problem. “My tests sat in my mailbox all day in frigid temperatures—well below the required minimum 36°.” (Same here.)

Rick Moran: In Minneapolis, Robbery Arrests Plummet as Stores are Hit Multiple Times. “This has apparently emboldened the thieves to rob some stores multiple times.”

And a James Bond 60th Anniversary twofer…

Chris Queen: 60 Years of James Bond Theme Songs: Part 002. “We’ll start with the worst of the worst. These range from cringeworthy to truly bizarre.”

Yours Truly: Ranking the Bond Movies: Part 002 (The Ones That Really Blofeld). “It’s true that the franchise has been uneven over the decades, but there have been only five genuine stinkers.”