January 1, 2022

VIRGINIA CLOWN SHOW UPDATE: Good Riddance to Ralph Northam and Terry McAuliffe. Virginia is moving on without the Democratic duo.

Northam, who was term-limited, may have found it hard to come back in any future elections anyway thanks to the blackface scandal that nearly forced him to resign. While a monthslong investigation into a racist yearbook photo of two men (one in blackface, the other in a KKK outfit) was inconclusive, Northam admitted to once darkening his face with shoe polish to look like Michael Jackson (he was very close to moonwalking during a press conference before his wife stopped him and saved his governorship) and one of his college yearbooks listed “coonman” as one of his nicknames.

As a result, Northam refocused his time in office on racial issues, resulting in several positive reforms, including the abolition of the death penalty, banning no-knock search warrants, and the repeal of some Jim Crow laws that were still on the books even though they weren’t enforced. It shouldn’t have taken a scandal to get Northam to support these measures, though. Besides, Northam signed a slew of gun control bills into law, despite the racist roots of gun control and racially disproportionate harm they have.

Like pretty much every other Democrat in Virginia and most of the country, McAuliffe called on Northam to resign during the initial blackface outrage. Two years later, McAuliffe was asking Northam to campaign with him anyway.

In sharp contrast to all of the above: NYT’s belated discovery: In Virginia, Winsome Sears is the GOP’s messenger — and message.

Not for nothing, but this is pretty old news by today’s standards. Sears won that office and became the state’s first black woman elected to statewide office eight weeks ago. As Karen [Townsend] wrote at the time, the only media outlet interested in that narrative at the time of her election was Fox News. In fact, the Free Beacon’s Brent Scher had noticed a week earlier that national media outlets like the Paper of Record had a noticeable lack of interest in historical achievements when accomplished by a Republican[.]

But let’s not forget the bad old days too soon, without flashing back to this classic image from the McAuliffe campaign’s terminal moment: The Tiki-Torch Hoax Should Not Be Blamed Only on the Lincoln Project’s Grifters.

And this moment from May of 2021: Biden To Hold Event With Ralph Northam, Two Years After Saying He ‘Lost All Moral Authority’ And Should Resign.

The two men likely had much to discuss, not least of which how good Democrats have it, thanks to the levels of willful amnesia of their operatives with bylines:



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