JIM TREACHER: Yes, Kyle Rittenhouse Acted in Self-Defense. Facts don’t care about your feelings:

I’m no Perry Mason, but if somebody tells you he’s going to kill you, and then he starts chasing you and tries to grab your weapon, he’s not interested in a calm and rational exchange of ideas. It’s safe to assume he intends to do what he just told you he’s going to do.

Kyle Rittenhouse is neither a hero nor a murderer. He’s a kid who got in over his head and defended his own life when things went wrong. If he hadn’t shot those guys, they would’ve killed him. And all the people screaming at him right now would’ve just shrugged, because they only care about human life when it serves their political ends.

I’m sorry those guys are dead, but they shouldn’t have chased down a heavily armed man they had just threatened to kill. If you don’t like it, send your complaints to the Darwin Awards.

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Perhaps the highlight of the [Richard] McGinnis [a Daily Caller videographer] testimony, however, occurred during Binger’s re-direct questioning of him.

Binger had been very unhappy when McGinnis was allowed to suggest during cross-examination that it had been the intent of Rosenbaum to seize Kyle’s rifle. Binger objected at the time, but Judge Schroeder overruled the objection.

Now on re-direct, Binger rather heatedly challenged his own witness: You can’t read Rosenbaum’s mind, right? You can’t know what he was actually thinking, right? Your interpretation of his intent is nothing but complete guesswork, isn’t that right?

McGinnis paused a moment, and replied: “Well, he said “F-you, and then he reached for the weapon.” So, maybe not entirely guesswork.

Video here: