November 2, 2021

HERE WE GO AGAIN: Media Salivate Over Another Likely Racial Hoax at Glenn Youngkin’s Massive Final Rally.

It is absolute insanity that the media would do this again after having so much egg thrown on their face over the last racial hoax. Yet, their disinterest is completely purposeful. They want Terry McAuliffe to win because the news media is full of left-wing hacks. Any of them could have easily walked up and asked this person if they were paid to be there and why they deliberately stood right in front of the press. The reporters present didn’t want those answers, though. Rather, they wanted another context-less picture to try to smear Youngkin with.

Further, a close examination presents plenty to be skeptical of here aside from just the person’s positioning. The jacket looks brand new and the confederate flag patch is uneven, appearing to be hastily sown on. Those cowboy hats also look to be fresh off the rack somewhere. Lastly, the entire get-up is obviously meant to conceal the identity of the person. Oversized jacket, a huge hat, and hair teased out? It’s all just too perfect. If I could bet on this, I’d bet a lot of money that picture is of two paid activists.

We probably won’t find out though, because the reporters were careful to not get any shots of their faces. But if there’s any electoral justice left in this country, none of this will matter. Besides, someone wearing a confederate flag at a rally does not define a candidate. If you live in Virginia, do whatever it takes to get out there and vote.

Coming so soon after this incident…

…The media’s lack of curiosity over the identity of the Confederate flag wearing chap is telling. But just think of the media as McAuliffe-supporting Democratic Party operatives with bylines, and it all makes sense.

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