October 18, 2021

EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: ‘Escalating Into A Firing War’: Texas Gov. Abbott Says ‘Aggressive’ Mexican Cartels Shooting At National Guard.

“Everyone saw what happened in Del Rio with regard to the Haitians that came in there,” the governor continued, as he said the current “hottest point” along the Texas border is “in Roma … and that’s the area where the cartels on the Mexican side of the border are shooting at the National Guard on the Texas side of the border. And so what Texas is having to do, we’re having to step up and guard multiple points across the entire border.”

The governor said the situation cannot compare to October 2020. “Listen, a year ago, of course, was still during the Trump administration and the Trump administration had put in place all the policies that led it to the greatest reduction in cross-border crossings,” he said, adding that “now, we’re seeing the highest number of cross-border crossings and it’s all because of the catastrophic open border policies by the Biden administration and we’re seeing more and more people come in.”

Democratic Laredo, Texas, Mayor Pete Saenz said in September that border security was effective under Trump.

Who had “Possible Shooting War with Mexico” on their “Don’t Underestimate Joe’s Ability to F*** Things Up” bingo card?

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