JIM TREACHER: Whew, Occupying Government Buildings Is Good Again. “It’s different when we do it:”

So we’re back to this being a legitimate form of protest now? Huh.

Ellie Silverman, WaPo:

Climate protesters attempted to occupy the Department of the Interior on Thursday, with dozens holding a sit-in inside as those remaining outside clashed with the police who were blocking the entrance.

Protesters and security personnel were injured as climate activists crowded an entrance to the Stewart Lee Udall Main Interior Building on C St NW. Melissa Schwartz, a department spokesperson, said in a statement that security personnel sustained “multiple injuries,” and one officer was transported to a hospital.

Yeah, but it was for a good cause. Everybody knows the weather is going to kill us all, so it’s okay to break into a government building and hurt people. That’s only bad when the rioters are wearing MAGA hats.

Via the great @MidnightMitch:

I look forward to Brian Stelter defending the climate protestors’ moral imperative to riot because the earth is coming to end in [12 months, five years/ten years/insert preferred time period here], in between tweets promoting binge-travel such as this: