JOE ROGAN INTERVIEWS SANJAY GUPTA AND A TRAIN WRECK ENSUES: “Not one media personality — trust me I’ve faced down almost all of them personally — can withstand even basic Socratic inquiry. They are idiots. This is why they almost never do long form discussions. This is what happens.”

For a full two minutes, Rogan presses Gupta to address the disparity in how he treats the two similar situations, and the CNN doctor has no answer. At one point, he quips about getting a booster, again completely missing the point Rogan is making.

And the hits just keep on coming: Joe Rogan Goes There With Sanjay Gupta Over Ivermectin. “Gupta just has no answer for why he, as CNN’s chief medical analyst, did nothing to quell the hysteria his network spread over Rogan taking ivermectin.”