The NFL naturally released a statement condemning Gruden’s “appalling” emails: “The email from Jon Gruden denigrating DeMaurice Smith is appalling, abhorrent and wholly contrary to the NFL’s values. We condemn the statement and regret any harm that its publication may inflict on Mr. Smith or anyone else.”

What, exactly, are the NFL’s “values”? It’s hard to believe the league is offended by Gruden’s remarks given its careless indifference to actual crimes and misconduct committed by players and other team owners. The truth is that Gruden only insulted the “wrong” people—most notably, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Goodell has a history of responding poorly to criticism. He banned Barstool Sports employees from the Super Bowl after they protested his Deflategate decision and created towels featuring his face with a clown nose, then dubiously claimed he knew nothing about the ban. NBC Sports later reported that Goodell was still “miffed” months after Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia was photographed wearing a Goodell clown shirt. Goodell’s wife once reportedly ran a fake Twitter account to defend her husband from criticism over the league’s defense of anthem kneelers.

Would it really be a surprise if the thin-skinned Goodell orchestrated the email leak against Gruden as revenge, conveniently distracting the media from his old pal Dan Snyder’s misconduct in the process? Ironically, doing so would prove Gruden’s point that he is an “anti football pussy.”

Heh. Goodell isn’t the only one in the new uber-woke NFL: Buccaneers remove Jon Gruden from Ring of Honor amid email controversy.

To be fair, all Gruden did was coach the Bucs, once an NFL laughing stock, to their first Super Bowl at the end of the 2002 season.