COMPLY, THEY EXPLAINED: Some Black Actors and Athletes Won’t Spout the Party Line About Vaccines.

One way to shut down discussion is to depict anyone who disagrees with you as an evil monster. In this case, the popular conception of the vaccine skeptic is a MAGA-hatted redneck chewin’ his tobaccy whilst beatin’ his younguns and rapin’ his sister-wife. Those people do exist, but that’s hardly the only group of Americans who don’t like the way things are going. The dissenters aren’t just white folks, or Republicans, or Trump voters, or any of the other boogeymen under the bed of the average lib. One voice of reason in all this is… wait, is this right? [Black-ish star] Anthony Anderson?

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The THR piece also notes that Letitia Wright, who plays the Black Panther’s super-genius sister Shuri in the Marvel movies, has also expressed dissenting views on vaccines.

Move along, nothing to see here, citizen.