IF ONLY ROGER GOODELL HADN’T POLITICIZED NFL GAMES: “The ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ chants have transitioned from college football stadiums to the National Football League as a thunderous anti-Biden chant was heard Sunday at the Titans-Jets game. It may be the loudest example yet of the chant springing up at a sports venue.”

As Glenn wrote on September 11th, the “f**k Joe Biden” chants “seems to be happening all over. It’s amusing to see Democrats respond by demanding respect for the office, and the separation of politics and sport. Too late guys. Enjoy the new rules you made.”

Many have observed that Joe Biden is essentially Obama’s third term, given the many retreads in his cabinet. And to be fair, the NFL is, in a sense, returning to its roots, given that Goodell allowed the politicization of the NFL to begin when he did nothing to stop Colin Kaepernick and other player protests during the tail end of the original Obama era, despite having the precedent of the NBA blocking similar protests in 1996.